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Go Extreme with Jerry GreenDog of the week - DumplingTraining tips - Clicker Training

Are you up for a challenge?

Why not try an activity to help raise moneylives for the dogs at Jerry Green Dog Rescue Whether you’re endurance ready, up for a sprint or willing to take a leap at 12,000 feet, we are asking you to take the challenge and help us today!

Our south Lincolnshire centre is undergoing major structural and cosmetic changes, we want our dogs to have more home like, warm and spacious kennels that make them less sad about being away from a home environment. Twenty years ago, our kennels were at the highest standard of welfare but today they require refurbishment and renovation to bring them up to scratch.

With the average cost of a kennel project at £4,000, we are offering you the chance to sponsor a kennel. You will be kept up to date with who is residing there and you can share the progress on your social media.

Hi everyone, as you can see I am a very happy, cheeky chappy who can't wait to meet new people and start my new life. My friends here at Jerry Green said they couldn't have come up with a better suited name! Could I be the Dumpling for your Stew? Playing and having cuddles are things I love but one of my favourite pass times is rolling around, I just love a good back scratch on the grass. My Jerry green friends are always laughing at me when I run and skin around on my back, I tried to convince them to join in but they didn't seem so keen (they don't know what they are missing out on). My Jerry Green friends said I am sweet and cuddly but need a little help with my training when I get too excited, I can’t help it though, it’s just that I find everything exciting at the moment. I have enjoyed walking with other dogs but again I get a little excited so at the moment I think it’s best if I’m the only dog in the home but I would love to make some doggy friends to walk with. I love everybody but I am looking for an adult home with the possibility of older teenagers to help me with my training, If you think we would be a good match then please ring the South lincs team on 01205260 546 to meet me!

You may have heard of the term clicker training but not been completely sure what it is?

Clicker training is widely used to train dogs but the concept can be used with almost any species including cats, donkeys and fish!

The clicker is a handheld device which produces a novel ‘click click’ sound. This is helpful as it is unlikely to be a heard in everyday life and so (hopefully) not likely to cause any confusion!

It is a method of training which uses positive techniques. In order for a behaviour to be repeated, the reward (a treat) needs to be given extremely quickly after the behaviour has been seen. Good timing is very important otherwise you may end up rewarding for something completely different!

The clicker is used as a ’bridge’ to let the dog know that they have done the right thing and that a treat is on its way! This enables the trainer to ‘buy some time’ as it can take a moment to actually deliver a treat.

In order to get going with clicker training, your dog needs to be ‘charged’ to the clicker. This means that they are taught that the click-click sound means a treat is on its way!

Clicker training is great fun and can really allow you to teach your dog some quite complicated things!

Next week we’ll look at how to charge your dog to the clicker and the ‘golden rules’ of clicker training.

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