Holbeach man says reptile keeping is easy

Emma Robinson with a Royal Python called Janice.
Emma Robinson with a Royal Python called Janice.
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Keeping reptiles is easy, says the chairman and founder of South Lincs Herpetology Society Gareth Dickin.

He says reptiles can be the ideal pet for people with busy lives and little time for dog walking – or those who are allergic to hairy animals, as his partner Pippa Richardson is. Gareth describes reptiles are hypoallergenic, so unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Gareth advises doing research to find out how reptiles should be kept and the correct habitat for them, possibly the most costly aspect of keeping reptiles.

The creatures are not too expensive to buy, starting from around £20, and they can potentially live 15 years or longer, such as geckos that have a 25 year life-span.

Feeding isn’t particularly expensive – Gareth estimates he and Pippa spend between £40-£60 a month on feed, though the household electricity costs are naturally higher as a result of the heated tanks.

There is an arrangement with Baytree Garden Centre at Weston, which offers a 10 per cent discount to South Lincs Herpetology Society members on reptile equipment and food.