Help form nucleus of Spalding orchestra

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They’ve been blowing the dust off long unused musical instruments in Spalding.

A group of men and women described as ‘50ish +’ have been coming together at South Holland Centre to make music.

The New Tricks Music Programme is part of the adult music service delivered by soundLINCS. It gives adults of all abilities and with all instruments the chance to shape a new musical group.

Jane Hill, one of those taking part, is hoping that in time the group might even form the nucleus of a little Spalding orchestra.

Jane, of Spalding, has been taking part in the free sessions for a few weeks, under the guidance of soundLINCS music facilitator Crauford Thomson.

She said: “There are no auditions and Crauford levels the standard to challenge a little but be playable, and people are improving. The way he’s doing it, it certainly works.

“People can just start at the stage they arrive in and gradually have the satisfaction of improving. We have certainly come on a lot.”

The group is aimed at adults with some experience or none, but more typically people are picking up an instrument they haven’t played for years.

Jane learned to play the clarinet some years ago, and was disappointed to find there was no local orchestra she could join.

She ended up playing with Boston orchestra, as well as singing with South Holland Singers, the women’s choir The Mirinesse Singers, SADOS and, currently, Peterborough Choral Society.

If the group does evolve into a local orchestra, Jane says she would quite like to play songs from the shows.

At the moment the group is made up of two clarinets, a saxophone, violin and flute, and a variety of music styles are played, including well-known folk songs.

Jane said: “It’s given me the challenge of picking up my clarinet again and playing. I am very pleased to be carrying on with that instrument because I have put in a lot of work over the years.”

Jane hopes other people might want to join, whether they play strings, recorder or percussion instruments.

Sessions are held each Monday (10.30am-12.30pm).