Gosberton man’s hangman connection

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Gosberton man Stuart Goff has an interesting ancestor in his family’s history.

Stuart has learned that his grandmother was grandaughter to the notorious William Marwood, hangman at Lincoln Castle.

The exhibit in Madame Tussauds.

The exhibit in Madame Tussauds.

William Marwood (1818-1883) started out as a cobbler in Horncastle and it was only when he was 54 that he persuaded the governor of Lincoln Castle Gaol to allow him to conduct an execution.

According to online sources, Marwood – who developed the technique of hanging known as the ‘long drop’ – was appointed hangman at a retainer of £20 a year plus £10 per execution after he demonstrated his efficiency at the job in 1872.

Stuart believes his ancestor hanged 176 people in total.

He says: “There were some interesting murderers among them which he duly executed.”

The pictures right show the exhibit in Madame Tussauds showing Marwood about to hang burglar and murderer Charles Peace and a Victorian advertisement.