Gosberton Christmas fair during beer festival

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Gosberton’s mini beer festival this weekend incorporates activities by Gosberton Community Action Team (GCAT).

GCAT members will be running a Christmas Fair on Saturday (3-8pm), with a crafts table selling gifts for Christmas, decorations, jewellery and other items.

The weekend’s profits will go into the contingency fund to cover hall running costs, as well as buying more crockery for the kitchen.

A kitchen is something that wasn’t originally included in the hall, which had a lecture room, reading room and upstairs classroom when it opened in 1872. It was lit by gas lights in the main hall – Town Gas had arrived in the village that same year, but most homes were lit by oil lamps and candles.

Despite having no kitchen, running water or electricity, a public tea for 800 was provided at the grand opening ceremony – just 17 weeks after the foundation stone was laid.

The hall was in regular use through the years, particularly at the end of the 19th century/beginning of the 20th century during the May holiday week when servants returned home for a holiday and farm labourers changed jobs.