GAMING REVIEW: Something different but let down by unfinished feel

The Crew ANL-141012-095552001
The Crew ANL-141012-095552001
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For anyone who has driven round America this driving equivalent to Destiny is like a dream come true – but the rest of the game is simply a commendable effort.

Tagged as the first MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) driving game, The Crew provides a lot of impressive endeavours – none more so than the ability for you and your friends to take a reckless journey inside an open-world recreation of the United States.

This persistently online adventure – which has a noteworthy 20-hour single-player campaign as protagonist Alex Taylor looks to infiltrate criminal groups – has a wealth of content, car upgrading and mini-games peppered across this world, from LA to Detroit, and New York to Miami (although not all areas have official landmarks).

Despite its immense promise, this oft-delayed title is let down by a slightly unfinished feel – average car mechanics, okayish graphics, and some teething bugs – but if you’re after something a little different it is well worth forming ‘crews’ with other players this Christmas.

By Gavin Miller – Rating: 3/5