GAMING REVIEW: Epic RPG is just in time for Christmas

Dragon Age ANL-140112-162217001
Dragon Age ANL-140112-162217001
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Dragon Age goes back to its series roots with a truly compelling game that all role- playing fans should lap-up.

With an absolute multitude of content and some great RPG and battle mechanics, Inquisition answers any questions thrown at it and comes up trumps, as it drags you into an immensely diverse world that is a beauty to behold – particularly on next-gen consoles.

It may not weave the greatest tale (which is by far its biggest downside) – as your legendary party of heroes aim to restore order with the land of Thedas in turmoil – but with so much to explore across the beautiful vistas, this is undoubtedly the best of its ilk since Skyrim.

Bioware – with the help of the impressive Frostbite 3 engine – has provided the most expansive and epic RPG in quite some time, and has set the genre alight just in time for Christmas.

By Gavin Miller – Rating: 4/5