Alien Isolation ANL-140710-120630001
Alien Isolation ANL-140710-120630001
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There’s much to admire from this adventurous survival horror game – that finally pays faithful homage to the Alien franchise.

After the awful Aliens: Colonial Marines, this offers great value for money being a slow, methodical and sometimes gruelling game – that suffers from it’s own success by outstaying it’s eventually repetitive welcome.

Set fifteen years after Ellen Ripley’s disappearance on the Nostromo, her daughter Amanda tries to unravel the truth – but instead gets hunted by the infamous Xenomorph on a ship in Jupiter’s orbit.

It’s not without its isolated flaws – and falls short of classic status – but provides a terrifyingly convincing interpretation of HR Giger’s monstrous creation that offers something a little different.

Your neighbours will hear you scream.

By Gavin Miller Rating: 4/5