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An early contender for Game of the Year has cast its spell – with the third instalment in The Witcher series being the richest experience yet.

With a sensational open world to explore and an abundance of terrific side missions that compliment the massive main story, you could easily top 100 hours in this role-playing empire of Nilfgaard – as your hero, Geralt of Rivia, takes on the mythical cavalcade of ghastly riders, known as the Wild Hunt.

The truly authentic kingdom draws you in after its slow and methodical start – much like with the Fallout franchise – and then never lets go, especially when mastering all the Witcher skills to take on bloodthirsty monsters via the highly accessible combat engine.

Sometimes the game is actually so good that even next-gen consoles struggle to keep up with so much going on – but this is one minor flaw in a spectacular world that battles Skyrim as the best fantasy RPG adventure ever. Rating: 5/5