GAME REVIEW: Gorgeous but has it come too quickly?

Assassin's Creed ANL-141118-105734001
Assassin's Creed ANL-141118-105734001
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There’s no disputing the franchise has been one of the most consistent blockbuster releases over the past eight or so years – but this first next-gen only title seems to have come a touch too quickly.

Despite the Paris 1789 French Revolution setting for our young assassin Arno being absolutely gorgeous to explore – with some truly satisfying action set-pieces – the game does seem to have been a bit rushed (with some bugs that need to be patched soon) and misses the mark as often as it hits.

But despite the main story underwhelming, this will still probably unite fans as it still contains the tried-and-tested formula – and exploring this world is still a compelling experience.

By Gavin Miller – Rating: 3/5