GAME REVIEW: Doesn’t reach heights of some of series’ great games

Resident Evil ANL-150324-092738001
Resident Evil ANL-150324-092738001
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This retail box set competently extends Resident Evil lore – without ever reaching the heights of some of the series’ great games.

It meshes together four episodic games (already released via XBLA and PSN over the past month) – including two bonus side episodes and Raid shooting gallery mini-game – with varying degrees of success, undoubtedly at its best when fan favourite Claire Redfield is faces the horrors of her past, this time with new enemies ready to terrify.

While the cliff-hangers after each episode leave you wanting more, the final couple of main stories sadly seem clunky compared to the intensity of the noteworthy stealth-inspired first two.

But you still get plenty of bang for your survival horror buck at around 30 quid – as the series evolves instead of revolves.

Rating: 3/5