GAME REVIEW: Best storyline in quite some time for this series

Battlefield Hardline ANL-150324-092718001
Battlefield Hardline ANL-150324-092718001
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With more than a hint of Miami Vice and Bad Boys, EA has provided possibly the most interesting Battlefield iteration since Bad Company 2 – but is it the best?

The easiest way to answer that is down to your personal preference, as the single-player crime-inspired campaign offers the best storyline in quite some time for the series – complete with satisfying stealth-inspired arrests – but new multiplayer additions (grappling hook and zip line for example) may be a bit too innovative for its own good for hardcore fans.

Ultimately the multiplayer mode may not have advanced enough compared to the care and attention that has been administered in single-player – with this obviously seeming more like a spin-off – but major plaudits need to be thrown at Dead Space developers Visceral for providing a shooter that offers plenty of street ‘smarts’.

Therefore, CSI: Battlefield seriously deserves your attention. Bad boys what you gonna do?

Rating: 4/5