Deeping St Nicholas farmer calls for support on chemical lobby

Chris Carter.
Chris Carter.
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Sometimes, like many I would suppose, I wonder if it’s just me or is the world going just a little mad, writes Chris Carter.

I read a fanciful report (that would be funny if it weren’t true) that the UN – in its infinite wisdom – has declared that the world doesn’t need what they call pesticides to feed the world, since plainly without these nasty chemicals, the world is quite able to feed itself.

We are regularly lectured by the great and the good – mainly from showbusiness – of the need to dig deep and help those who would certainly, definitely and without doubt starve without our help; now a hitherto much respected worldwide organisation declares that science has been wasting its time for the last 60 or more years!

More locally, farmers and growers are facing another onslaught from sandal-wearing tree huggers who have convinced an organisation called the EU – heard of it?– that a chemical which has been used entirely safely for over 40 years, Roundup, must probably be carcinogenic, and thus must be banned without further delay. Note the word ‘probably’.

In the past UK agriculture has relied upon the detailed and exhaustive work of scientists to prove or otherwise by dint of research and trials that certain products are safe for agriculture to use.

Roundup – or Glyphosate to give it its technical name – has been safely used by millions of gardeners and growers and now forms a hugely important part of an agricultural spray regime. This is ever more true in respect of direct drilling since without Roundup this incredibly labour saving, blackgrass control and soil preservation technique simply would not be viable.

We must all lobby our MPs and others in positions of power to insist that decisions of this nature must be based upon proper science and not prejudice or populism.