Deciphering history at Sutton Bridge

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Beryl Jackson says Bryant’s map of 1828 shows Avenue Farm at Sutton Bridge as being Anderson’s Farm.

She believes this could provide an explanation for the pattern of the lettering on the sheep bone floor.

She says: “This reads, as far as we are able to decipher, ‘R A AD 1823’. In the 1841 census, there is a reference to a ‘Richard Anderson, farmer and grazier in Sutton Wash’, Sutton Wash being the ‘wash of Sutton’ (now known as Long Sutton).

“Thousands of sheep grazed the marshes after they were enclosed from the sea, as well as the outmarsh.”

Beryl’s photograph of the family tomb in Long Sutton shows that Richard Anderson died in 1842, aged 42. Also named on the tomb are his wife Martha, whose father farmed in Sutton Wash.