Crowland an island in 1947 flood

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In April 1947, the ‘tank wall’ erected to seal the breach in the North Level barrier bank between Brotherhouse Bar and Crowland failed.

The peat sub strata under the tanks gave way and partly drained farmland was again inundated.

At the time of the initial breach Crowland was almost cut off from all directions, with water surging over the Peterborough road to the south of the town.

A reporter at these newspapers 70 years ago was told by a town policeman there was no fear of water getting into the town, though the whole of Crowland could be evacuated in four hours if necessary.

A reporter was also told by the chairman of the North Level Commissioners, Mr W S Smith, that the bank “might never have been breached had it not been for the bottleneck in the Welland at Spalding”.

By that time the Welland Catchment Board had obtained approval for a major improvement scheme which included “the relieving of the bottleneck by the provision of an auxiliary channel round Spalding”.

Spalding town centre flooding.

Spalding town centre flooding.

That would become the Coronation Channel, opened in 1953.