Cowbit writer encouraging children’s interest in poetry

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Cat lovers – and Dicksie Moss is certainly one of those – will often say, ‘If only the cat could talk’.

Well, the Kitty of The Finding of Kitty Baloo does talk as she gets separated from her mother and finds herself at Holme Farm, where she is adopted as the farm cat.

Inspired by Dicksie’s own cat Dusty, the tale is dedicated to Dicksie’s three grandchildren.

However, it was also written, at her daughter’s suggestion, because Dicksie says: “Poetry has had a bit of a hard time for a while. Kids think it’s boring so I am trying to get children in schools more interested in poetry and the fact that they can do it.”

Poetry was something Dicksie shared with her mother, and she recalls they would sometimes speak to each other in poems and limericks “just for a laugh”.

Their relationship was clearly very complex, but Dicksie recalls her mother making a fuss at school once when a teacher gave Dicksie “a smack round the head” because she thought a poem she had written was copied. Before she died, Dicksie’s mother asked for forgiveness; Dicksie told her there was nothing to forgive.