Commuters hit by fares hike

An East Midlands Train pulls into Skegness Railway Station. Photo by Philip Murray.
An East Midlands Train pulls into Skegness Railway Station. Photo by Philip Murray.
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Commuters travelling by train from Spalding station have been hit by a national hike in rail fares this week.

Fares on East Midlands Trains rose an average of four per cent yesterday (Wednesday) - with the cost a single journey increasing by an average of 52p.

The cheapest standard single to Peterborough is now £7.60 - with the anytime day return at £8.40.

However, a spokesman for Stagecoach, which runs the service, said the increase was far less than in other parts of the country - with some rail providers putting up prices by 5.8 per cent.

She said: “Train operators have to take into account a number of factors when setting fares. However, all fares are determined largely by government policy, which states a bigger share of funding for the railway must come from people who use the train.”

The increase is also far less than that affecting motorists, who have faced a 14 per cent rise in costs over the past year. Travellers are being asked to take some compensation in the fact 97p out of every £1 received in fares goes back into running the railway and making improvements for passengers.

East Midlands Trains passengers are benefitting from a multi-million pound investment, including all of the trains through Spalding which have now been fully-refurbished.

In addition, there are plans to make some station improvements at Spalding over the coming year.

Network Rail is also carrying out a £280m programme of renewals on the line through Spalding. On completion next year it will deliver enhanced safety, improved performance and additional capacity for passengers and freight, taking about 60 lorry journeys off the roads.