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Harold Payne.
Harold Payne.
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Recently we had the chance to chat again with Harold Payne from the Anglia Motel in Fleet who has done much locally to raise the profile of veterans from recent conflicts as well as caring for those who did so much to secure our freedom in World War Two.

For 20 years, Harold has been organising trips to the Normandy beaches on the anniversary of the D Day landings.

Since 1995, Harold, inspired by the simple humility of these men and their families, has organised bus trips back to this area and over the years he has used funds raised to pay for this as well as giving money to the Royal Anglians and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

This year, the 70th anniversary, will be the last ‘pilgrimage’ back to Normandy as there are so few veterans left. There are still a few places available for those who want to travel there to honour their relatives; the Anglia Motel at Fleet has details.

Harold told us all about this year’s plans and how he will be sorry that this is the last but how all who go back over the years have come back humble and grateful to those who fought and paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

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