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Transported is a new arts programme centred upon South Holland and Boston; and this week we spoke to Melissa Marlowe, the communications manager, and Simon Hollingworth who is artistic director.

Transported is a strategic, community-focused programme which aims to get more people enjoying and participating in arts activities,especially those who perhaps wouldn’t normally attend or participate arts events.

Melissa and Simon talked about the recent Transported events, as well some forthcoming activities and gave us a flavour of Transported ideas and their approach.

We spoke about a spectacular sound installation event at Ayscoughfee Gardens. SoundSpiral is a uniquely interactive audio playback environment, holding 52speakers within an inflatable venue.

Transported was officially launched in Carters Park, Holbeach in May, with a day of unusual arts displays the like of which Holbeach has never seen, attracting around an estimated 4,000 people.

Recently Transported put on a wet picnic performance as part of ‘Activate’ in Ayscoughfee Gardens.

In particular, Melissa was very excited to announce the group’s upcoming performance of a play celebrating ‘Barbeque 67’ which will revisit the famous rock festival featuring Jimi Hendrix in Spalding 1967.

You can listen to the full interview with Melissa and Simon on the podcast section of the Tulip Radio website: