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Helga's Diary.
Helga's Diary.
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Helga’s Diaryby Helga Weiss RRP £9.99

Helga Weiss was twelve-years-old in 1941 when she was interned, along with her mother and father, in the Nazi concentration camp of Terezin.

For the next three years, Helga documented her experiences there, and those of her friends and family, in a diary.

Then they were sent to Auschwitz, and the diary was left behind, hidden in a wall.

Helga was one of a tiny number of Jewish children from Prague to survive the Holocaust.

After she returned home, she eventually managed to retrieve her diary and completed the journal of her experiences.

The result is one of the most vivid first-hand accounts of the Holocaust ever to have been recovered.

Helga said: “First they led us to the baths, where they took from us everything we still had. Quite literally, there wasn’t a hair left.

“I didn’t even recognise my own mother until I heard her voice...