BOOK REVIEW: Madder, fatter, and brilliant!

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New book.
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My Madder Fatter Diary Volume 2 By Rae Earl

Out on Thursday, February 6

Hodder Paperback £7.99

Having been unaware of Rae and her first diary, when I was handed this book last week, I tackled it with an open mind.

Within minutes that mind was full of sympathy, humour, sadness and recognition as I was gripped straight away by this real-life teen diary.

Set in the early Nineties, we follow overweight, music mad virgin Rae on her quest for acceptance, weight loss, fulfillment and, most importantly, romance.

Being the same age as the author and also a lifelong diary keeper, I enjoyed the references to the popular culture of the time, such as The Smiths and Bergerac.

I also recalled my own angst-ridden journal entries, and the self doubts, highs, lows, terrors and triumphs that all teenagers experience, whether in 1990 or now.

That Rae has a dysfunctional family, a weight problem and mental issues only added to the drama as I rushed through the pages to see whether she finally made that ‘perfect ten’ and hooked in Haddock, the pseudonym for the man of her dreams.

I’m not surprsied Channel Four has snapped up the rights to this – it’s a cracking read for all ages and I shall soon acquaint myself with volume one.

Jeremy Ransome