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Take Me Home by Tessa Cunningham

Told with warmth, wit and honesty, ‘Take Me Home’ is a masterclass in life’s simple pleasures.

Tessa Cunningham had just recovered from breast cancer, was in the throes of a painful divorce and would soon be parted from her daughters when they left for university.

Already struggling with three of a woman’s worst fears, she couldn’t cope with any extra stress.

Yet she found herself offering a home to her 95-year-old-father, along with his Zimmer frame, collection of hearing-aid batteries, monogrammed hankies and tins of Black Bullet mints.

Jim, her father, can’t abide moaners, is given to tactless remarks and, as he’s deaf, is definitely not the best listener in the world. But, in the months that followed, his unexpected wisdom and irrepressible ebullience helped heal Tessa’s pain.