Bicker woman who talks to animals

Jane Hunt with her dog Poppy. Photo: SG240217-120TW
Jane Hunt with her dog Poppy. Photo: SG240217-120TW
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Jane Hunt’s son used to refer to her ability to communicate with animals as doing her “voodoo stuff”.

His cynical attitude as a teenager is probably one a lot of people might tend to agree with.

Jane (left) treats Selvaggia at Natalia De Benedictis's stables. Photo: SG240217-123TW

Jane (left) treats Selvaggia at Natalia De Benedictis's stables. Photo: SG240217-123TW

Nevertheless Jane, of Bicker, says he has grown up to have an innate ability to understand animals, and his brother is also converted, picking up tips from his mum to help his own dog.

Jane has been an animal communicator for 12 years and there are now a lot of owners who can testify to Jane’s ability to understand their pet’s emotional or physical problems and to provide healing.

Jane, who grew up on a farm with rescued donkeys and ponies, says: “I was always interested in spiritual stuff and talking to the dead, but I wanted to understand my own horse and dog better so I started learning how to talk to animals.

“It made a lot of difference with my own animals. I was more aware of how they were feeling emotionally, physically, and that’s how I work, picking up in my body how the animal is feeling.”

After training with a leading international animal communicator and healer, Jane immediately wanted to put her new knowledge into practice, and now works as Lincolnshire Holistic Healings.

Jane says: “We use all the senses to do it. Psychic ability comes into it. I do think we all do it to an extent, we just don’t realise or acknowledge it or don’t trust what we are getting.”

These days Jane is frequently called in as a last resort when an animal’s owner has explored all the conventional therapy routes without success.

Having gone through the preliminaries with the owner and obtained the basic information she needs, Jane will sit quietly and connect with the animal, head and heart, all the time gently touching the animal, if they will let her, using Reiki healing.

Jane describes the technique of placing her hands on an animal, gently moving around its chakra points, as “non-invasive, universal energy healing”.

Astonishingly, Jane says she also has success even when she is working remotely to the animal. In fact, Jane finds she has better success as a communicator if she doesn’t know the animal.

Healing can happen with one session or may need more, depending on the problem, and Jane says some of her human clients have regular Reiki sessions with her as “maintenance”.

She says: “I have seen some amazing changes. It is very, very humbling and rewarding to know I have been able to change lives for the better. Even short term it can bring about positive change.”

Contact Jane on 07962 980429.