Bicker therapist has seen amazing results

Animal communicator and healer Jane Hunt. Photo: SG240217-128TW
Animal communicator and healer Jane Hunt. Photo: SG240217-128TW
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Most of Jane Hunt’s therapy work comes as a result of word of mouth.

When she’s not treating animals and human clients – both locally and further afield – Jane gives husband Robert a treat, with a relaxing Reiki session or a spot of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Jane says this is better known as “tapping”, in which pressure points on the body are tapped to help release emotions and tensions.

She is also a Hopi Ear Candle therapist and a Reiki master, teaching the practice for both humans and animals.

She says the results can be “amazing”, and adds: “It just puts you on a calmer level and helps you deal with life and situations in a better way.

“It makes you more understanding, more open to things in general, and it is very good for things like grief, anxiety and stress.

For a sense of general wellbeing it is really useful.”

Jane has to make time to look after her own health and state of mind too, as she says in the course of her work she is picking up in her own body an animal’s aches and pains or emotional distress, something she has to guard against.