‘Awards corridor’ films set for the Centre

The Theory of Everything ANL-141218-121402001
The Theory of Everything ANL-141218-121402001
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During the three months between December and February each year we always relish the release of a clutch of great films.

Imitation Game

Imitation Game

Known as the ‘Awards Corridor,’ this time of year is often when films with hopes of BAFTA, Oscar or Golden Globe attention are released – and the 2014/15 ‘corridor’ is no exception.

On top of the list are three leading British actors in three wonderful British-based biopics – all are due to screen at the South Holland Centre during January 2015.

The first is director Mike Leigh’s colourful story of the artist JWM Turner, starring Timothy Spall in the title role.

Funny, humane and visually immaculate, Mr Turner combines domestic intimacy and frolics, with an epic sweep of 19th century artistic life.

Spall’s performance has been hailed as his best since ‘Secrets and Lies’, also directed by Mike Leigh, and it has already won him the Cannes Film Festival Best Actor award.

Next up is The Imitation Game which is the story of Bletchley Park hero and computer science forerunner, Alan Turing.

The story is presented as a thriller involving the World War Two race to crack the Enigma code, the possibility of Soviet spies in the camp, and the mystery of the charismatic Turing himself.

Benedict Cumberbatch takes the starring role, with Keira Knightley as his fellow code-breaker and friend.

Both have already been nominated for Golden Globe awards, and The Independent has simply called The Imitation Game “The best British film of 2014”.

The third of the biopics is The Theory of Everything; the astonishing story of physicist Stephen Hawking and his relationship with his wife Jane.

Starting when Hawking is a young, able bodied student at Cambridge, the film features Eddie Redmayne in the main role, another excellent performance which is attracting the attention of the Awards panels.

Alongside these South Holland Centre January movie audiences can also enjoy the final instalment of The Hobbit trilogy in 2D or 3D, and the latest in The Hunger Games series.

All screening times can be found on the South Holland Centre website.