A beautiful and soulful first album from Lewis Watson

Album review ANL-140207-121758001
Album review ANL-140207-121758001
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Lewis Watson

The Morning

Warner Bros. Records – out Monday

Lewis Watson (21) has been heralded to become the next Ed Sheeran, with a Ben Howard-like sound.

However, it is the individual and personal elements of the singer-songwriter’s music that makes this album great.

Indeed, the only real faults in The Morning are found in songs in which Watson slips into generic-pop mode, Close being a perfect example of this.

In comparison to the soulful lyrics found elsewhere in the album, this track felt vapid and meaningless, almost One Direction-esque.

However, filler material like this is quickly forgotten when songs such as Windows are on offer.

A sweetly sad ballad, this track sees Watson pour his heart out in a stripped-backacoustic number that builds as it progresses.

Another outstanding track on the album is Stay, the musical equivalent of a sublime landscape- while it is certainly dark and moody, it lifts the listener to the discovery of something new with its anthemic- vibes and gorgeous harmonies.

All in all, The Morning is a wonderful debut album; not only does in showcase Lewis’ talents, but it signals great things to come in this young artist’s future.


Jasmin Gray