South Holland singing pair Ria and Slator join festive hit list

South Holland singing pair Ria and Slator join festive hit list
South Holland singing pair Ria and Slator join festive hit list

Steven Slator, of Holbeach, and Ria Woods, of Sutton Bridge, teamed up as Sugarkick to record their 16-song album, “Some Might Say”, between June and December 2011.

But a song left off the album, Home for Christmas, has been “remixed” and put alongside the original 2011 version on a new mini-album called Five After Sixteen.

Steven said: “A friend of a friend put me and Ria in touch after I’d auditioned many singers for a songwriting and recording project that started five years ago.

“I’d been planning to do my own songs for quite some time and Ria had both the commitment and voice I was looking for to release a 16-track album in November 2011.

“But there were five tracks that we never got round to completing and so we’ve released a five-track EP (Extended Play), which includes the song ‘Home for Christmas’.

“We’re trying to promote the Christmas song especially because it was written and recorded by two people from the South Holland area.

“Home for Christmas has now reached listeners around the globe and it’s nice to recognise that there’s musical talent in our area that often goes unnoticed because of shows like The X Factor.”

Steven and Ria’s musical partnership ended after Five After Sixteen was released and she got married in February, became Ria Mills and moved to Saudi Arabia.

But despite the 3,915 miles distance between them, Ria said: “I’ve always loved Christmas and I’ve always wanted to write a Christmas song.

“Whilst we were in the process of writing the album Some Might Say, I mentioned this to Steven and we agreed we should do it.

“He sent me an idea and track of Home for Christmas, which I’m sure is where everyone wants to be, but something I haven’t experienced until now.

“We agreed that sleigh bells were a must on the 2016 remix which is a fun, fresh, up-beat version of the 2011 version.

“The new EP also includes some unreleased songs, including Remember the Days which is about thinking back to being a child and how time seemed to last forever then.”

The pair continue to perform, Steven in 1980s-themed band Wild Boys and Ria both as a solo artist and with other musicians.

But Steven said: “I’m very proud of the album and EP, both of which are amongst the best things I’ve ever done.”

They are available by visiting