RE with laughter from Act II Theatre Company

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Two years ago, Spalding’s Act II Theatre Company pulled off the unlikely feat of staging all of William Shakespeare’s 37 plays in one night.

South Holland Centre was the venue for Act II’s even more ambitious project of capturing all 66 books of the world’s best selling book in a single, 90-minute production.

The Bible:The Complete Word of God (Abridged) was a tongue-in-cheek, genuinely light-hearted attempt to take audiences on a whistle-stop tour of the Good Book, from Genesis to Revelation.

A cast of 26 youngsters aged between seven and 20, led by show director Karl Gerner, managed to put all their RE and Sunday School memories to good use in a production that exceeded all expectations.

James Girard showed touches of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who as he acted out the Ten Commandments one minute and the Goliath felled by David the next.

From the moment the show opened with the Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss, you knew that a memorable night was in prospect, despite the use of water pistols for dramatic effect.

There was even a risky venture into the minefield of immigration issues with the theatre’s company version of The Tower of Babel story.

But it was hard to take offence with any part of the show which put some of South Holland’s most talented youngsters in a hugely favourable night.

In summary, this show left you wondering what Act II Theatre Company has up its sleeves wit Bad Girls The Musical at South Holland Centre on July 3 and 4.