REVIEWED: Brett Anderson, The Drums, The Horrors, Justice plus the return of The Stone Roses

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The Stone Roses Reunite

If you haven’t heard by now the Stone Roses are back!

It seemed like it would never happen but this band have defied the impossible. After the reforms of 90s band such like Pulp, Suede and now Blur it only seemed inevitable for, in my opinion, a more influential band would be back in business.

The Stone Roses have now announced three big dates at Heaton Park in Manchester in June of next year. “Our plan is to shake up the world” stated Ian Brown upon questioning about world domination at the resurrection press conference.

It only seems that the hype is increasing building for the Manchester boys, as Heaton Park is being described as the Knebworth of this generation. In 14 minutes upon sale the tickets were sold out, if like me any chance of buying tickets seemed to be wiped out.

The Stones Roses are set to go on a tour in latter stages of 2012. (I hope its Leeds Festival!)

This comeback will surely be the talked about topic for many years to come.

Brett Anderson- Black Rainbows

After the reform of Suede, Black Rainbows is Brett Anderson’s forth solo album and intermittently a teaser for the anticipated next Suede album.

After seeing Brett Anderson’s performance on Jools Holland last week it really made it made me decided to review this album.

The opening track, Unsung is a slow beginning with a depth of darkness to the song but the chorus is perfectly made for Brett’s swooning voice.

Brittle Heart is the first single released from Black Rainbows and is full of oddly romanticised lyrics “give me your ashtray eyes” and “your hair is like autumn” (Brett would be no good as a police witness) this album doesn’t seem to be a re-invention for the lead singer of Suede but only building of what he has known ( in my opinion is the best way for him).

As the front cover demonstrates, there are dark shadows, cheekbones, dark floppy hair and melancholy flowers ( Is Morrissey a big influence Brett?). Thin Dancing Man is the most promising track off the album, with weighty guitars takes influence of the grunge era of the early 90s ( even if I might dare say it Nirvana) especially at the climax of the song.

Overall this is the best rock album Brett has produced in years however it will always be overshadowed by the return of Suede. As I have said before this is a great interlude for Suede’s next album and will keeps fans satisfied until the main event.

Black Rainbows is out now.

The Drums – How it Ended

This is the second single from the second album Portamento, after the huge success of their first album, their return seems to have lost their spark.

Nevertheless ‘How it Ended’ is a good song buried in the album. With Cure-like guitars and backing vocals reflecting previous tracks like “I Wanna Go Surfing”.

The lead singer, Jonathan Pierce’s voice compliments the juxtaposition of the instrumental and the lyrics. This song is well worth a listen.

How it Ended is out now.

The Horrors – I Can See Through You

From The Horrors new album Skying this is their third release and it is a good one too. After touring many festivals in the summer, The Horrors popularity seems to be ever-growing.

I Can See Through You is a good track to introduce those new fans. Faris, the lead singer has dark and mysterious vocals which match perfectly with the sonic impulses of the music.

Overall this track is one of the best all year and is surely recommend by myself for a listen.

Just a fact for you Freddie the guitarist out of The Vaccines is has a cousin in The Horrors. I guess musical talent does run in the family after all.

I Can See Through You is available to buy now.


The return the of the French electric duo is a delight with their well received second album AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO. (yes it the same title as the single confusing much?!) and is set to change the face of 21st century rock n roll for the better.

AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO is what might be described as “new rave” when rock and dance music cross dresses.

For Justice it is hard to live up to their French house music predecessors for example the likes of Daft Punk and Cassius but this track is certainly puts them in good stead. I definitely recommend this track if you want to indulge yourself in new music.

“AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO” is out now.