No surprise from the Antman’s debut album

Ant Law - Entanglement
Ant Law - Entanglement
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Guitarist Ant Law and his band have taken no chances with their debut jazz album Entanglement.

They could have experimented with the traditional acoustic, bass and piano ingredients and turned a big band experience into a musical car crash.

Thankfully for famous jazz fans like Clint Eastwood and ex-US president Bill Clinton, there’s nothing on the album that upsets the apple cart.

In fact, Ant Law’s previous collaborations with the likes of Mica Paris and Level 42 is an insurance policy against hearing any nasty surprises on Entanglement.

Eight of the album’s nine tracks are composed by Law himself, the exception being Satellite, written and recorded by US jazz legend John Coltrane in October 1960.

The other tracks range from the fast and furious (Laurvin Glaslowe, A Bar in Nigeria) to the more mellow and sedate (Entanglement I and II, 13 Moons).

Ant Law has made a competent start to his recording career with Entanglement.

As Louis Balfour, host of Jazz Club on The Fast Show would say “Nice.”

Winston Brown