Street dance sisters get highest marks on world and Euro stage

Hip Hop world and European dance champions 'Dolcie and Bonita Simmons of Tydd St Mary.  Photo by Tim Wilson.
Hip Hop world and European dance champions 'Dolcie and Bonita Simmons of Tydd St Mary. Photo by Tim Wilson.
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A Tydd St Mary couple have their hands full with a pair of daughters who are taking the world of street dancing by storm.

Andrew and Cherie Simmons watched their girls Dolcie (12) and Bonita (8) win world and European hip hop, electric boogie and breakdance formation championships in Germany and Italy respectively this year.

Dolcie, a student at University Academy Holbeach, was part of London-based dance group Entity which won the International Dance Organization (IDO) junior title in the German city of Bochum in September.

Two months earlier, it was Bonita’s turn to succeed with another London-based dance group Clique which won the European children’s competition in the Italian city of Rimini.

Bonita said: “I was crying because I was so overwhelmed and when Dolcie won, we went to a restaurant in Germany to celebrate.”

Dolcie added: “In the world final, I banged my knee but I had to carry on because we couldn’t afford to make any mistakes.

“There were over 30 teams from across the world and our teacher wanted us to win so badly.

“We were really passionate about our routine and when we won, everybody was screaming and hugging each other.”

Dolcie started dancing when she was five while Bonita, a pupil at Sutton St James Primary School, took up dancing as a four-year-old.

Cherie said: “They were always dancing in the house when any music came on and I remember that Dolcie was dancing before she could even walk.

“The girls used to do lots of shows but then two years ago, Dolcie got an audition for a dance team which won the IDO European Championships last year.

“Dolcie then had another audition to get on the Entity team for the IDO World Championships this year.”

Andrew added: “Entity had to fight hard to get into the European and World Championships so getting there was an achievement in itself.

“It took two hours for them to rehearse their routine but when it got closer to the competition, it went up to five or six hours as things got more serious.”

There was a double celebration for the Simmons in Germany when Bonita’s group Clique took third in the children’s event.

Andrew said: “It’s been a long road to get to where they are now but Dolcie and Bonita are so elated about it.”