Twilight review

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Our resident film expert Gavin Miller reviews the latest blockbuster movie release.


This always seemed like the dumbed-down, less intellectual, teen series cousin of Harry Potter – but after the enthralling final part you could call me semi-converted.

My mum and sister claimed my reviews on the first four-parts were a tad harsh – non garnering more than a three-star – but even though you’d hardly call me a Twi-hard, I was admittedly a tad sad to see the end credits roll.

Just like the generally boring Breaking Dawn Part 1, this fifth part took a while to really kick into gear – initially showcasing Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) newly-found powers in her vampire transformation – but the last hour undeniably has the most bite in the series.

Bizarrely, elements of the final exhilarating battle not in Stephanie Meyers’ novels provide the best 20 minutes in the whole series. 4/5 Gavin Miller

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