Head shave proves poignant for teenager fundraising for cancer

Jamie Andrews and fundraisers at Long Sutton RBL.

Jamie Andrews and fundraisers at Long Sutton RBL.

Two charity events in Gedney and Long Sutton for cancer and anaemia charities produced contrasting emotions for the people involved.

Gedney student Hannah Fletcher (17) had her hair shaved off in aid of Macmillan Cancer Research just days before the deadly disease would claim the life of a much-loved family friend.

Hannah, a student at University Academy Holbeach, is hoping to increase the £450 already raised for the charity after the death of John Bone (76) of Spalding last Thursday,

Mr Bone, who was married with two daughters, sponsored Hannah to have her hair shaved and was also friends with the teenager’s mum Tanya Dooney who became friends with Mr Bone through a wine club in the Spalding area.

Tana said: “John and Hannah got on very well and he was very, very proud of what she was doing.

“We knew John for more than ten years and he was very bubbly, very outgoing and liked being with his family.

“Hannah also wanted to raise money for Macmillan because another friend, Julie-Ann Wallis, is having treatment for cancer at the moment and we got hairdresser Stephanie Cousins, who we’ve used for 14 years, to shave Hannah’s hair off.

“There were quite a few people who came to support Hannah and she’s still getting sponsor money now.”

Meanwhile, Sutton St James mum-of-two Diane Turner organised a charity night for an eight-year-old youngster living with a rare blood condition.

The event at Long Sutton Royal British Legion, which included a disco, raffle and belly dancer, raised about £1,200 to help Jamie Andrews of Peterborough who has Diamond Blackfan Anaemia which means he is unable to produce enough red blood cells to carry oxygen around his body.

Diane said: “Jamie needs a bone marrow transplant because neither of his parents are compatible with him so they have to raise at least £15,000 for the treatment.

“It was absolutely amazing and Jamie was an absolute star when he came with his family on the night.”




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