POOL: League leaders in unstoppable form

Fisherman’s Arms’ blistering start to the Hart-Marler Spalding and District Thursday League season shows no sign of abating.

They rattled off their latest win inside seven frames.

Castle B started well when Kev Fisher and Tom Harrison took the opening games but the league leaders then snatched the next five.

The Pode Hole side have only lost once in 13 matches this season – and that was by the odd frame back on September 13.

It was Knockout Cup week in Holbeach and District League.

Holbeach USC B won thrrough twice in 48 hours – disposing of two Lamb and Flag sides.

They showed no mercy to the B team with a 9-0 hammering in the preliminary round.

And last Thursday they recovered from 3-1 down to knock out Lamb and Flag C.

Wins from K Roberts, J King and A Wood had put the Wahplode side in the driving seat but the opposition roared back to take all of the remaining five games for a 6-3 passage.

Results: Hart-Marler Spalding And District League: Division A – Jolly Farmer 2 Drayman’s Arms B 7; Fenway B 5 Castle A 4; Fisherman’s Arms 6 Crowland RBL 3; Drayman’s Arms B 4 Fisherman’s Arms 5; Fisherman’s Arms 5 Castle B 4; Fenway/SHC 7 Lodge Farm Cafe 2; Lake Ross A 1 Fenway B 8; Castle A 7 Robin Hood 2.

Knockout Cup – Crowland RBL 5 Fenway/SHC 4.

Hart-Marler Sunday League: Robin Hood 2 Holbeach USC 6; Duke of York 4 Hole In The Wall B 4; Birds 5 Fisherman’s Arms A 3; Hole In The Wall A 0-6 walkover by Fenway; Bull’s Neck 3 Robin Hood 5; Bell (G) 7 Hole In The Wall B 1; Birds 6 Lodge Farm Cafe 2; Hole In The Wall A 3 Holbeach USC 5.

Holbeach and District League: Knockout Cup first round – Holbeach USC B 9 Lamb & Flag B 0; Red Lion 6 New Inn 3; Lamb & Flag C 3 Holbeach USC B 6; Hat & Feathers A 5 Con Club 1; Holbeach USC B 7 Saracen’s Head A 2; Lamb & Flag A 7 Chequers C 2; Rose & Crown 5 Jolly Crispin 4; Anchor Inn B 3 Red Lion 6; Five Bells B 5 Jolly Crispin C 4; Horse & Groom A 6 Bull B 3; Woadman’s Arms 6-0 walkover v Bull A; Bull C 6 Horse & Groom B 3; Chequers B 2 Elizabethan A 7; Holbeach USC C 4 Lodge Farm Cafe 5; Parkside B 4 Chequers A 5; Elizabethan B 2 Golden Lion 7.

Division One – Holbeach USC B 7 Hat & Feathers B 2; Elizabethan A 3 Hat & Feathers A 6; Chequers A 4 Woadman’s Arms 5. Division Two – Anchor B 4 Bull B 5; Bull B 5 New Inn 4; Anchor C 5 Parkside 4; Bull C 5 Anchor B 4.




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