VOLLEYBALL: Promising future as juniors step up

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DESPITE enduring a tough season so far, the future is still looking bright for Spalding Saracens.

With two of their stronger players leaving for university prior to the start of the season, Steve Jackson, Harrison Hall and James Urry were the only players left at the club with any experience.

New players from the promising junior squad have stepped up to the player, but Saracens have lost every game so far this campaign.

Juniors usually have a gradual introduction into the competitive side of the game, but Summer Buckley, Oliver Shortland and Kyle Machin – ably supported by Sally Grooby – have been learning the hard way.

With coaches Tim Barzycki and Simon Jackson still able to play, this allows for support both on and off court when required. Scott Chuter and Matthew Urry have also lent a hand on the court.

The season continues in the new year, with Saracens looking forward to playing teams closer to their own ability.

Coach Tim Barzycki said: “Every year we lose players to university or elsewhere, but we have a really good crop of youngsters available in the junior club.

“These players are only 12/13 years old, so have a lot to learn. However, because of their ages they should be able to remain at the club for some years to come, gaining valuable experience along the way.

“But numbers taking part in all groups are low and, with the Olympics coming up, I hope that people will take advantage of getting involved in an amazing Olympic event.”

Barzycki himself, along with another coach Ben Cook, have both been accepted as part of the volunteering team for the Olympics in their chosen events. Barzycki will be attending the indoor volleyball event at Earls Court, while Ben will be at the beach volleyball event at Horse Guards Parade.

• Anybody looking to get involved in volleyball should visit Spalding Grammar School on the following days: Monday (10-13yrs) – 6.30pm-8pm; Thursday (13-19yrs) – 6.30pm-9pm; Monday (volleyfit for women) – 8pm-9pm.

For more information call Tim on 07506 409 308 or email volleyballspalding@sky.com