TABLE TENNIS: Still time to join Spalding league

THE Spalding and District Table Tennis League are busy putting together their programme for the new season.

With the kick-off a week away, there are currently just eight entries to the league – five for the top flight and three for the second (compared to seven and eight respectively last season).

There are, however, a number of players who are not yet in teams which might bring the numbers up to six in each.

Should anybody else be interested in taking part in the league during the coming season, you can visit training at the Castle Sports Complex tomorrow from 7.30pm, or contact the secretary on 01775 760162 as soon as possible.

There is no need to bring a team – though a minimum of two players would be nice, but there are options to put together teams.

Players with no experience are catered for and will give support and tuition to beginners.

The league’s training robot has also been upgraded to have a wider range of options and is capable of helping the beginner and will stretch the experienced players more.