Mixed fortunes as Long Sutton beat Spalding

Spalding ladies first team lost 3-0 at home to Lindum. Photo by Tim Wilson
Spalding ladies first team lost 3-0 at home to Lindum. Photo by Tim Wilson
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Long Sutton captain Luke Jackson couldn’t have been happier as they beat his former club Spalding in the Mixed Trophy.

He was hit hard on Saturday, losing vice-captain Jess Hudson due to illness and partner Danny Sisson through injury.

However, Long Sutton battled though the game without any female subs and produced a fantastic team performance.

An early penalty stroke from Josh Fyson put Sutton ahead and Daniel Batten struck twice before Ashley Taylor fired home a short corner to make it 4-0.

Spalding pulled one back through Dan Needham before half-time and they scored again thanks to Stuart Cunnington.

Long Sutton ladies first team beat Cambridge City 3rd with the only goal coming from Leanne Woodhead.

The men’s first team lost 4-1 to Ipswich-East Suffolk despite taking a first-half lead through Fyson.

Cunnington fired a hat-trick as Spalding men’s first team completed the double over Wisbech in their hunt for promotion. Josh Rowbottom was also on target in the 4-3 victory.

The ladies first team went down 3-0 at home to Lindum.


Men’s Premier B: Long Sutton 1 I-ES 4, Cambridge Uni 2nd 5 CoP 2nd 4, Norwich City 5 Saffron Walden 4, Wisbech Town 3 Spalding 4, Felixstowe 1 Letchworth 4.

Men’s Division One: CoP 3rd 9 Chelmsford 2nd 1, East London 2 Old Southendian 2, Pelicans 2 Bishop’s Stortford 4, March Town 2 West Herts 2nd 8, Bourne Deeping 0 Wapping 2nd 0, Cambridge City 3rd 5 Ford 2.

Men’s Division Three North West: CoP 5th 4 St Ives 2nd 1, Cambridge South 3 Long Sutton 2nd 0, Louth 1 Cambridge Uni 3rd 4, Ely City 2 Cambridge City Vets 2, Horncastle 5 Bourne Deeping 2nd 3, St Neots 3 Wisbech Town 2nd 0.

Men’s Division Four North West: CoP 7th 0 Spalding 3rd 4, St Ives 3rd 4 CoP 6th 6, Spalding 2nd 5 Cambridge South 2nd 1, Wisbech Town 3rd 0 Leadenham 7, Bourne Deeping 3rd 5 Cambridge Nomads 2nd 1, Cambridge City 5th 8 Ely City 2nd 0.

Men’s Division Five North West: Long Sutton 3rd 6 St Ives 4th 1, Cambridge South 3rd 0 Alford & District 2, Spalding 4th 3 Cambridge South 4th 0, March Town 2nd 1 St Neots 2nd 5, Bourne Deeping 5th 1 Bourne Deeping 4th 5, Cambridge City 6th 6 Wisbech Town 4th 0.

Men’s Division Six North West (N): Alford & District 2nd 0 Leadenham 2nd 5, Bourne Deeping 6th 0 Long Sutton 4th 6, Grantham 4 Louth 2nd 0, Horncastle 2nd 4 Spalding 5th 2.

Women’s Division One North: Norwich City 1 Blueharts 1, Saffron Walden 2 Letchworth 0, Norwich Dragons 2nd 0 Cambridge City 2nd 2, Bedford 2nd 2 Wisbech Town 0, CoP 4 Royston 1, Spalding 0 Lindum 3.

Women’s Division Two North West: Alford & District 4 Pelicans 0, Cambridge City 3rd 0 Long Sutton 1, St Ives 2 Cambridge Uni 2nd 2, Lindum 2nd 1 Newmarket 3, Cambridge Nomads 1 CoP 2nd 0, Wisbech Town 2nd 1 St Neots 2.

Women’s Division Three North West: Huntingdon 0 Bourne Deeping 6, Ely City 2 Cambridge South 0, Spalding 2nd 2 St Ives 2nd 0, March Town 6 Newmarket 2nd 0, Cambridge Uni 3rd 3 CoP 3rd 0, Haverhill 5 Spalding 3rd 0.

Women’s Division Four North West (North): Louth 2nd 1 Horncastle 4, CoP 4th 5 Long Sutton 2nd 0, Skegness 4 Spilsby 3, Alford & District 2nd 1 Wisbech Town 3rd 3, Bourne Deeping 2nd 1 Woodhall Spa 0.


Men’s Premier B: Waltham Forest v Wisbech Town, Letchworth v Harleston Magpies 2nd,CoP 2nd v Felixstowe, I-ES v Cambridge Uni 2nd, Saffron Walden v Long Sutton, Spalding v Norwich City.

Men’s Division One: Wapping 2nd v March Town, Ford v Bourne Deeping, Old Southendian v Cambridge City 3rd, Chelmsford 2nd v East London, Bishop’s Stortford v CoP 3rd, West Herts 2nd v Pelicans.

Men’s Division Three North West: Bourne Deeping 2nd v Ely City, Wisbech Town 2nd v Horncastle, Long Sutton 2nd v St Neots, St Ives 2nd v Cambridge South, Cambridge Uni 3rd v CoP 5th, Cambridge City Vets v Louth.

Men’s Division Four North West: Cambridge Nomads 2nd v Wisbech Town 3rd, Ely City 2nd v Bourne Deeping 3rd, CoP 6th v Cambridge City 5th, Spalding 3rd v St Ives 3rd, Cambridge South 2nd v CoP 7th, Leadenham v Spalding 2nd.

Men’s Division Five North West: Bourne Deeping 4th v March Town 2nd, Wisbech Town 4th v Bourne Deeping 5th, Alford & District v Cambridge City 6th, St Ives 4th v Cambridge South 3rd, Cambridge South 4th v Long Sutton 3rd, St Neots 2nd v Spalding 4th.

Men’s Division Six North West (N): Leadenham 2nd v Horncastle 2nd, Long Sutton 4th v Alford & District 2nd, Louth 2nd v Bourne Deeping 6th, Spalding 5th v Grantham.

Women’s Division One North: Royston v Bedford 2nd, Lindum v CoP, Letchworth v Spalding, Blueharts v Saffron Walden, Cambridge City 2nd v Norwich City, Wisbech Town v Norwich Dragons 2nd.

Women’s Division Two North West: CoP 2nd v Lindum 2nd, St Neots v Cambridge Nomads, Long Sutton v Wisbech Town 2nd, Pelicans v Cambridge City 3rd, Cambridge Uni 2nd v Alford & District, Newmarket v St Ives.

Women’s Division Three North West: Newmarket 2nd v St Ives 2nd, Cambridge South v Spalding 2nd, Bourne Deeping v Ely City, Haverhill v March Town, Spalding 3rd v Cambridge Uni 3rd, CoP 3rd v Leadenham.

Women’s Division Four North West (North): Woodhall Spa v Alford & District 2nd, Long Sutton 2nd v Bourne Deeping 2nd, Horncastle v CoP 4th, Spilsby v Louth 2nd, Wisbech Town 3rd v Skegness.