Like mum, like daughter as Lambes are bang on top

Successful banger racing brother and sister Danny and Suzie Lambe of Gedney Hill.  Photo by Tim Wilson.
Successful banger racing brother and sister Danny and Suzie Lambe of Gedney Hill. Photo by Tim Wilson.
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Dad’s hard work in the garage and mum’s skills at the wheel have clearly rubbed off on Gedney Hill brother and sister banger racers Danny (13) and Suzie Lambe (23).

The pair have ended their respective Banger National Points Championships seasons with a flourish after Suzie was crowned Lady Bangers (White and Yellow Tops) Champion.

Meanwhile Danny, a student at University Academy Holbeach, finished runner-up in the Junior Bangers (White and Yellow) class.

Suzie follows in the footsteps of her mum Bridgett (44) who won the Lady Bangers (White and Yellow Tops) series in 2012.

All three have their husband and dad Paul (44) to thank for making up the modified cars that drove them to success.

Bridgett said: “Paul is really proud of all of us, simply because he builds all the cars and spends hours in the shed doing so.

“It’s hard going for him so when I won the Lady Bangers (Whites and Yellows), I was chuffed to bits because of all the hours my husband spent in the sheds and all the times when I wrecked the cars that he then fixed.”

As well as coming top of her class, Suzie finished tenth in the overall Lady Bangers series and even managed a ninth-placed finish in the Gold Roof class for more elite and experience banger racers.

Suzie, who works on her dad’s farm in Gedney Hill, said: “I’m a bit surprised to be Lady Bangers (Whites and Yellows) Champion because I was so far down in the points.

“But in the past couple of months, I crept back up and there was a one-off meeting in King’s Lynn where I got third place which boosted me back up the points table.

“Then I came sixth in a Gold Roof race and second in one of the all-comers’ races in King’s Lynn.

“But it wasn’t until one of my friends told me that the results had been put on the internet that I realised I’d won because I thought I was so far down the table that I didn’t take any notice.

“I’m still in shock really, but Danny is delirious even though he’s a little upset that he didn’t win his class because he was graded out of the Junior Bangers (Whites and Yellows).”

The average handicap scoring system in banger racing can see drivers moved from one class to another throughout a season simply for a good run of results.

Such was the fate that Bridgett experienced after an upgrade from Whites and Yellows to the Blue Top class.

Bridgett said: “You don’t get any points for a class once you’re graded out of it and that’s when the fun goes out of racing.

“At that point, racing becomes an uphill struggle and you ask yourself ‘why do I bother?’

“Danny is the one I felt sorry for because he worked his heart out all year, only to be disappointed when he couldn’t get any more points for the Whites and Yellows that he was leading in.”

There was consolation though for Bridgett on Sunday when she and her race partner Davey Cox came fourth in the Banger His and Her Challenge at Mildenhall track on Sunday.

“I got a top ten finish in the first race, had some major damage in the second race and came out for the third one thinking we’d absolutely lost it.

“But Davey did better than me and we had one hell of a day, especially as my original partner had to pull out because of a sore back.

“Davey jumped into the breach at the last minute and even though there was mud like I’d never seen before, it was absolutely amazing and we had a lot of fun.”