Leaders consolidate their positions in Spalding and District Table Tennis League

Table Tennis news.
Table Tennis news.

Week two of the Spalding and District Table Tennis League – sponsored by Vital Recruitment – saw the leaders in each division consolidate their positions.

Bladerunners once again scored a whitewash; the victims this time being Defenders.

This time they had a little more trouble in that they dropped one end!

Chasers South Holland dropped further behind when they also repeated their score line of 4 – 1.

John Gilbert made another double, coming from behind in his first match, while Phil Chandler took the point for JDM.

Haz Beans won their first match, also 4 – 1, against JAG, unexpectedly dropping a game in a match which had three games go all the way and another to the fourth.

Tony Cooper took a double with Allan Lewis picking up the consolation point.

One from the Past won their tie with Outsiders with the doubles, the singles being shared.

Radek Blaziek began his season with a double, while Sasha Martin and Dave Moore took one each.

Only three matches were played in Division Two with Hope for the Best repeating their 5-0 win of last week, losing just one end to Casey’s Pingers juniors.

Phil Knowles, having caused problems last week, went one better for A Win for a Curry – this time in denying Castle Sports a whitewash.

Guntars Briedis repeated his double and was helped by Jonathan Black.

Mines a Pint stay third, despite going down 3-2 to Practice makes Perfect.

Garry Wilkinson began his season with a double and was ably helped by Hannah Gilbert to secure the deciding doubles.

Gilbert also had a good night in her singles, fighting well enough to pick up a deserved end to reward her efforts.

Haz Beans concluded their unfinished Moulton Shield match with Hope for the Best.

Colin Vertigan won his two singles to take them through, though he was pushed hard in both games. They now meet Outsiders.

Saunter Together took a game off Insidious in their tie to narrow the match to 2-1, but will have to conclude it next week before round two. The winners play JAG.