Excellent action as weather stays kind

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Racing at Hurdletree Bank went really well last Sunday as the bad weather just stayed away.

There was some excellent racing and action.

Results: Mens: Class 1: SP551 Daniel Pearce, SP42 Ken Tomes, SP41 Callum Rankin . Class 5: SP95 Mark Shirley. Class 6: SP114 Stephen Pearsall, SP7 Adam Chapman. Class 7: SP485 Brain/Brigg Skipper. Class 8: SC106 Richard Blackburn.

Juniors: SP791 Thomas Baggaley, SP51 Jake Pearce.

Ladies: Class 1+2: SP85 Emma Hall, SP411 Donna Rankin, T32 Hannah Fletcher. Class 7: SP31 Chamelle Clayton.

Mens Fenland Champ: SC106 Richard Blackburn, SP41 Callum Rankin.

Ladies Fenland Champ: SP31 Chamelle Clayton, SP411 Donna Rankin.

Junior Fenland Champ: SP791 Thomas Baggaley .

Roll Of The Day: Class 9 SC306 Robert Blackburn

The next race meeting is on Sunday, June 9, 11.30am start.

Cost is £6 to enter, OAPs £5 and kids under 16 free.

For more information visit the website www.spalding autograss.co.uk