CYCLING: Town at the centre of action

Thriling finale: Competitors take on a pedal-scraping corner in the final race of the Spalding Town Centre Criterium. Photo by TIM WILSON
Thriling finale: Competitors take on a pedal-scraping corner in the final race of the Spalding Town Centre Criterium. Photo by TIM WILSON
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SPALDING Cycling Club’s second annual Town Centre Criterium saw the return of fast and furious street racing.

The race programme included a full range of youth races as well as two separate adult races – the first for fourth category (cat) riders and the second for more experienced third and second cat riders.

The final race of the day was the highlight of the afternoon and attracted some very fast national riders.

Proceedings began with the junior races – which were largely dominated by Spalding riders, demonstrating just how valuable the club’s Go-Ride coaching has been.

In the youth E race for U/8s, Bryn Richards was a clear winner but Ben Norton was a determined second after an amazing sprint finish. Molly Peel also sealed the top honours as the fastest girl.

The youth D race (U/10s) was hotly contested between a small group of leading riders who made a break from the main peloton. Jake Norton was in the lead pack throughout and crossed the line in second place.

In the youth C (U/12s) boys’ race, Scott Hookway from Sherwood Pines CC rode strongly to secure first place from Daniel Bradbury of Solihull CC.

Meanwhile in the U/12 girls classification, Hannah Banks was a convincing winner but she was chased hard by Tilly Gurney for Spalding who finished second with another Spalding rider, Sophie Wright, clinching third.

Karl Baillie from Witham Wheelers CC won the Youth B (U/14) race, with Jake Poole of Cyclesport in second.

In the girls’ race, Spalding’s Jennifer McAndrew comfortably secured first place from Louise Beedham (Lincsquad) in second. Harriet Moore from Spalding took third place in her first competitive season.

The final junior race (Youth A for U/16s), the boys’ classification was dominated by Simon Beedham (Lincsquad) who was untouchable. Saskia Hook took the honours from local rider Sian Botteley (Bourne Wheelers) in the girls event.

It was a VC Lincoln lock-out on the podium for the first adult race (cat four), with Phil Malt first, Jonathon Wells second and Leighton Davies third.

In the ‘blue riband’ event Julian Gromett (Cottingham Couriers RT) was an empahtic winner. Kieron Brady (Velo Schils Interbike RT) was first youth rider and Lindsay Clark secured top honours in the ladies’ category.

• THERE was a change at the top of the leaderboard at round four of Spalding CC’s ten mile time trial league at Pode Hole.

It was Ian Fensom who set the winning time, chased hard by Jeremy Hargrave in second.

Several riders managed personal best times too, including Chris Ward, Neil Palmer and Sam Bentley.

Results (round four): 1st Ian Fensom 23.32; 2nd Jeremy Hargrave 24.04; 3rd Alex Avery 24.15; 4th Tom Neale 24.18 (D); 5th Neil Palmer 24.41 (PB); 6th Chris Ward 24.46 (PB); =7 Harry Bellars 24.55 (PB); =7 Graham McAndrew 24.55; 9th Andy Pack 25.50; 10th John Young 25.59; 11th Adam Ellis 26.17 (D); 12th Simon Wright 26.44 (D); 13th Ben Richards 26.46; 14th Derek Chamberlain 27.02; 15th Jake Peel 27.05 (PB); 16th Gary Bentley 27.07 (D); 17th Aimee Stocker 27.23; 18th David Thornley 27.38; 19th Gareth Richards 27.52; 20th Brett Shepherd 28.04; 21st Sam Bentley 28.14 (PB); 22nd Peter Daniel 28.16; 23rd Sarah Bentley 28.34; 24th Oliver Fensom 28.41 (D); 25th T Bryett 28.50; 26th Jennifer McAndrew 29.03; 27th Kate Peel 29.42; 28th Barry Drew 30.10; 29th Adrian Thurston 30.40; 30th Alan Stacey 33.18; 31st R Merrill 33.28; 32nd Adam Medlock 33.55; 33rd John Clarke 34.18; 34th Brian Root 34.33; 35th Harriet Moore 34.51; 36th Robert McAndrew 34.53; 37th Katie Wright 36.49; 38th Alison Clarke 36.59.

Guests: Steve Thompson 25.56 (Spalding Tri); Mike Barnsdale 26.19 (Tri); Tom Drew 26.47 (Tri); Callum McPartlin 28.00 (Tri).

• A NUMBER of Spalding CC riders managed to set personal best times at round three of the club’s ten mile time trial league at Pode Hole.

Despite poor conditions for racing, Chris Ward and Neil Palmer were among those to clock new bests and they are now knocking on the door of the top five.

Results (round three): 1st Adam Ellis 23.24; =2nd Jeremy Hargrave 23.57; =2nd Ian Fensom 23.57; 4th Chris Pratt 24.21; 5th Alex Avery 24.32; 6th Chris Ward 25.07 (PB); 7th Neil Palmer 25.19 (PB); 8th Graham McAndrew 25.43; 9th Harry Bellars 25.47; 10th Ben Richards 27.04; 11th John Young 27.07; 12th Derek Chamberlain 27.12; 13th Gareth Richards 27.40; 14th Gary Bentley 27.41; 15th Simon Wright 27.43 (D); 16th Ollie Fensom 28.09 (D); 17th Chris Peel 28.17; 18th Tom Webster 28.19 (D); 19th David Thornley 28.19; 20th Aimee Stocker 28.20; 21st Liam Warren 28.56 (D); 22nd Sam Bentley 28.59 (PB); 23rd Brett Shephard 29.00; 24th Shane Norton 29.19; 25th Sarah Plows 29.21; 26th Tim Smith 29.34; 27th Jennifer McAndrew 29.42; 28th Kate Peel 30.14; 29th Adrian Thurston 30.54; 30th Jamie Green 31.22; 31st Reece Morodkhan 31.56; 32nd Harriet Moore 36.02; 33rd Tilly Gurney 36.34 (PB) (D); 34th Katie Wright 39.00 (D).

Guests: Mike Barnsdale 26.21; Tom Drew 27.34; Jamie Graham 27.40; M Halifax 28.01.