Bowser is best in round three

Tom Wright
Tom Wright

Favourable wind for the early starters in round three of Spalding’s 10-mile time trial league made a personal best ride possible for some.

With Tom Wright just missing out on a sub 30-minute ride and a battle between Nicole Flatters and Sophie Wright for places, expectations were 
high for fast times across the field.

Ed Gurney

Ed Gurney

That was not the case as a change of wind direction shaved the speed off slightly for some of the later starters.

Fastest on the night Andy Bowser put in the only sub 25-minute ride, posting a time of 24:28 – more than 35 seconds slower than his 2015 result.

Equalling his round one time of 25:24, Ross McGivern took a fine second place, 
while Mark Hills finished third with 25:50 – 30 seconds off his PB time for the distance set in round two.

In the ladies competition Natasha Tooley maintained her position at the top of the leaderboard by completing the course in 28:20 with the ever-consistent Sarah Bentley second in 30:06, while Clare Wookey, in a welcome return to the Tuesday league, posted 30:59.

Nicole Flatters

Nicole Flatters

The ever-improving Flatters put in yet another PB ride, crossing the line with 33:27 in 18th place overall, one place behind under-16 Wright – the same finishing order for all the events held so far this season, but with Flatters slowly reducing the time gap on each ride.

Wright posted a time of 32.23, a full 59 seconds quicker than her 2015 ride time.

Completing the ladies results Katie Wright improved by 10 seconds over her round two time – crossing the line with 36:38.

Over a minute quicker than in 2015, Will Gurney was again top under-16 finisher with his 29:32, while Matt Hull just sneaked in with 29:57 to take second spot.

An improvement of 58 seconds over his round one and PB time of 31:42 earnt a well-deserved third place for Tom Wright, who finished with 30:44, while Ed Gurney recorded 36:12 – one minute and 31 seconds quicker than his round two result.

Simon Wright’s 26:49 was due to being impeded by traffic on the course.

Gary Bentley (28:13) was four seconds faster than round two and chased in hard by Richard Flatters (28:17).

Riding his first ‘10’ of the season, Chris Bettinson took eighth overall in 28:39, while Barry Drew (29:02) and David Thornley (29:11) battled it out to finish in the top 10.

Paul Kendall finished in 29:59, slightly slower than his round two time, three places better in the overall standings with 13th.

Bill Wood’s 34:49 was his second fastest time of this season.

Chris Ward of Team Swift posted 25:56 as best of the guest riders with Ian Fensom of Fenland Road Club just behind in 26:22.

Bourne Wheelers’ Rex Stamp put in a time of 27.41 just three seconds quicker than the previous week.