Youth club hope needs your help

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RESIDENTS in Sutton Bridge are being asked to consider giving their support to set up a youth centre in the village.

A space has already been set aside at the newly-built Curlew Centre to give young people somewhere to go but there is currently no one to run it.

A multi-agency group is now giving interested residents the chance to make it happen with a meeting organised for next month to discuss the idea and explore any other positive activities which could be set up.

Sam Newton, South Holland’s youth and community development worker, said: “There is a strong feeling from everyone in the multi-agency group that there is a lack of provision in the village for young people.

“That’s one of the reasons why I have been brought in to try and help things get moved on.”

A meeting was held before Christmas to give the group a starting point of what kind of service residents would like in the village but further ideas are still welcome.

Mr Newton added: “What we are trying to do is to identify local people who are willing to be on the management committee and take on a level of responsibility. We need people who are willing to man the centre on the nights it will be open.

“The Youth and Community Development Team will be there to support them for as long as they need to get it going.”

No formal qualifications are needed to help run the youth centre, however, those interested in getting involved will have to undergo a CRB check.

Mr Newton says those with enthusiasm, willing and time to commit to the project are needed.

The meeting will be held on April 3 at the Curlew Centre at 6.30pm. Anyone who would like to attend should contact Sam Newton on 07775 997120.

Work is also continuing behind the scenes to ensure the survival of youth clubs in Spalding and Holbeach.

It is hoped community groups will be able to eventually take over both centres following countywide cuts to services run by Lincolnshire County Council.