Your letters: Someone will die on this Long Sutton road

'We need a speed camera in Roman Bank'
'We need a speed camera in Roman Bank'

On the subject of speeding, I live in Woodlands in Long Sutton, but the front of my property is on Roman Bank.

This is a very busy road with school transport, lorries and farm vehicles, yet everyone thinks it is ok to speed at over 30mph.

The other morning, while walking along the road, a fast tractor went past me doing a least 40mph, hitting the kerb as the driver tried to avoid the parked cars.

Large lorries full of sugar beet hammer down the road at well over the speed limit, and even some school buses go more than 30mph.

This road is fast becoming a race track and is an accident waiting to happen. And it is even worse at night.

As we lay in bed, we can hear the cars speeding past at very high speed.

About a year ago, we had a police speed check carried out on the road but, as all the motorists could see the speed trap well in advance, everyone went slow, rendering it a waste of time and money.

A speed check sign was eventually placed on a post the other side of Park Road ... where speeding is not an issue.

What we need is a speed camera or speed bumps. With plans to put hundreds of houses on the old Butterfly and Wildlife Park site, the problem will only get worse.

It is only a matter of time before someone is killed.

Mr T Merrell

Long sutton