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Our Member of Parliament writes about dignity in old age and the sanctity of life. Clearly he has never watched a loved one die a slow and painful death or experienced the helplessness of the carer.

Modern medicine prolongs life but it also prolongs suffering.

This is often the case with dementia where the carer may be on demand 24/7 foregoing rest and sleep until they crack. The Secretary of State for Health has confirmed there is no official strategy for carers so they will continue to be overlooked despite the recent hype about this cruel, unrelenting disease.

The confusion of dementia is not confined to the patient but affects every aspect of life for the carer also. There is no dignity in last stage dementia which may sap the strength of the carer for years even if the patient is eventually placed in a care home. The emotional and physical effects can be devastating.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, among other religious leaders, has asked for greater support for carers but until this becomes reality the

‘sanctity of life’ will remain a hollow phrase.

Joan Woolard