Your letters: Councillors need to speak out on our behalf

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How heartwarming it was to see two South Holland district councillors in your sister newspaper on July 15.

Cllr Roger Gambba-Jones and Cllr Mrs Lawton were offering to tender plants to make Spalding ‘blooming’ beautiful.

They are two of the planning committee members who voted that Sutton Bridge would be the place to dump an incinerator/gasifier.

Interesting reading the quote from Cllr Gambba-Jones: “I am always pleased to see the community getting involved in taking care of our environment, not only does it demonstrate the pride they have in our town, it also shows that people are eager to become actively involved.”

Well, Cllr Gambba-Jones, the residents of Sutton Bridge and surrounding area are proud of their towns and villages too. They are also now becoming ‘actively involved’, in fighting off your incinerator.

The environment certainly was not in the planning committee members’ minds when they nodded through the incinerator application last time, failing to take into account residents’ health, emissions, dust, noise, HGV movements, sustainability and definitely not the effects it would have on The Wash and its environs!

Or is it, as we have always suspected, one thing for Spalding and another for Sutton Bridge?

Sutton Bridge clearly needs district councillors who will take pride in our town and speak out on behalf of us!

Cllr Jenny Rowe

Sutton Bridge