Working residents are keeping the council’s wheels turning

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Let’s not forget that when we speak of the “council”, apart from the many representative political members calling the shots, we have a small army of the district’s residents working hard to ensure the services that we pay for run smoothly who receive no recognition through fancy titles.

A recent event highlights this situation whereby I was in the extremely unfortunate situation of needing the help of the council services to remove a sadly deceased cat from the front of my property.

Within 15 minutes of calling the council office and explaining the situation, a van appeared at the front of my house. This amazing response in terms of time was fantastic but even more of an amazement was the professional, caring and enthusiastic attitude of the lady who came to remove the cat.

She took the time to explain the process that the council takes in these situations and she clearly cared as a cat lover herself.

I sadly didn’t catch the lady’s name, but she should receive the recognition that she deserves as she’s a credit to the council and an example of how working residents are keeping the wheels turning.

Adam McVeigh

Algers Walk