Wind farms: In this instance I agree with Eddy Poll

It’s not often that members of opposing political parties will publicly agree, but in this instance I do, with Conservative member Eddy Poll (Free Press Letters, June 4)

He is absolutely correct to say, it doesn’t matter which political party is in control of county or district councils, none can significantly alter the outcome of wind farm planning applications, the “DicTat” for that being Mr Cameron and his Conservative Parliamentary tribe. A policy which has been cast in stone.

I also understand that Mr Poll and fellow conservatives have locally decided to oppose wind farm development, a policy doomed to fail, because it’s clear that our political leaders would rather see its councillors hung out to dry at local elections rather than listen to local councillors and alienate their political lobbyist friends, who quite possibly have much to gain from successful lobbying.

To hell with what local conservatives and constituents think.

Which is why voting for UKIP has been a vote against wind farms, our National Executive Committee and policy makers are listening to its councillors, and constituents alike, not pandering to lobbyists.

I also apologise to Eddy for wrongly stating the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate is Conservative Ed Davey, he is of course Liberal.

But it’s no wonder I’m confused, in a Coalition Government such as we have at the moment, both I and the public are confused about who is making policy, and, as is frequently put to me: “Aren’t they all the same!”

Peter Bird

UKIP South Holland and the Deepings branch chairman