Why pre-school must move

We felt it appropriate to write with information regarding why Moulton Harrox Preschool needs to move from a building which is no longer suitable.

When Moulton Playgroup was established in 1975, children enjoyed a social time at a setting where they were cared for by playgroup staff. Since then, preschools have become accountable to both Ofsted and council inspections. They are now expected to provide the same quality of education as primary schools.

The village hall is over 120 years old and requires high levels of maintenance and does not offer outdoor space for children to access, which is a requirement.

Providing a quality, affordable, enabling environment is becoming more and more difficult to comply with in the current building.

In terms of extended provision, children currently have to be collected by friends/relatives, or taken by bus to a local nursery four miles away. By providing on-site facilities at The John Harrox Primary School, parents have the security of knowing that they drop off and collect from the school site.

There are also closure fears for the village hall and community centre because of lack of volunteers..

We feel the proposal would provide families of Moulton with a purpose-built facility for preschool and an extended provision that is both fit for purpose, sustainable and where taxpayer’s money is spent on a safe and stimulating environment that allows children to flourish.

We would question Moulton Parish Council’s knowledge and understanding of the childcare regulatory frameworks, in suggesting what is deemed to be a suitable building for an educational environment and whether a building should be given priority over our children’s education and welfare.

The Management of

Moulton Harrox Pre School