What we really need is another furniture shop

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My views on the proposed use of land opposite McDonald’s, as per your front page in the Spalding Guardian.

Please, please, no more supermarkets.

We already have two huge supermarkets in Spalding, one of them only up the road from the proposed site.

There is only so much food the residents of Spalding can eat. We already have plenty of shops offering us clothes, bags, accessories etc in the town centre, Springfields and Peterborough Queensgate.

We already have two giant DIY stores. We also have a lovely cinema and theatre.

What we don’t have anywhere in the vicinity is Ikea. Other furniture stores would make our town complete.

DFS for instance and perhaps PC world would be nice, but bear in mind that PC World will most likely put our computer shop in the town out of business.

Choice of furniture is what we are missing, but definitely NOT another supermarket.